CALL for PAPERS - Special Issue on Care Economy

Economics: theory and practice.  Journal Vol 38. June 2024

Deadline for submission of unpublished articles before 15 March 2024.

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The 2023 Nobel Prize in economics awarded to Claudia Goldin is a call for studying women and men’ decision making on many issues such as labor supply, gender wage gap from the labor economics perspective and showed the importance of using historical data. Therefore, from the perspective of gender economics, the journal “Economics: theory and practice”, published by the department of economics of the National University of Mongolia announces a special issue on the care economy covering various topics such as empirical approaches for measuring the impact of care economy on labor and macroeconomic environments, wage gap between different worker groups, and policy experiments in English and Mongolian. The Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown crisis had highlighted the importance of women's role in the economy, especially in the care economy. Hence, we at the National University of Mongolia welcome for high-quality original research papers on issues of care sector, care economy with the measurement tools and knowledge necessary to develop ideas and policies capable of facing the challenges of growing demand for care and its short supply and offering a space for reflection to the national and international scientific world.

In this context that the journal “Economics: theory and practice”, cordially invites the international academic community including graduate students to join this task and participate with us by sending original and unpublished articles to be part of our Vol. 38 for June 2024 edition, which will be dedicated to addressing care economy.

Articles that contribute to the expansion of scientific research and its dissemination on care economy including although not limited to

  • Paid and unpaid childcare, elder care and care for disables and sick
  • Care economy at the national and international level
  • Markets, inequality, and gender
  • Women as economic agents
  • Emerging and developed labor markets with a care economy focus
  • Bargaining power of different group of workers
  • Economic policy analysis on the care economy