About the Journal

Manuscripts of sufficient quality that meet the aims of Asian Studies in Mongolia will be reviewed. There are no fees payable to submit or publish in this journal. We encourage authors to refer to the Committee on Publication Ethics’ 

International Standards for Authors

Article Types

The Journal considers the following kinds of articles for publication. Any submission that does not respect the word limit will be sent back to the author without review.

  1. Articles (9,000 words) 

Full research reports must include original research findings related to an Asian studies. Authors must clearly state their hypotheses or research questions and all research reports must include an introduction, methods, discussion and conclusions.

  1. Research Notes (3,000 words) 

Research notes are short reports and discussion papers. Research notes also include original research and follow the same outline as above but should be highly focused on one specific question related to Asian studies. Research notes may include replications of previously published studies.

  1. Review Articles (3,000 words) 

Review articles that provide a synthesis in areas covered by the journal, or which assess methods, publications or conceptual advances in the field. Review articles are broader in focus than research notes and do not include original research.